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  • You should familiarize yourself with how the extension works from the user's perspective and with the code (including building, installing, and running the unit tests).
  • You should research the browser extension APIs and requirements for Firefox, Safari and Chrome. 
  • The code is largely written using Infusion, the Javascript framework we use for our projects. If you like to learn via hands-on, the interactive Developer Introduction to basic concepts of Infusion may be helpful. The porting will likely require less interaction with the Infusion code, but as you move to writing adaptations, you'll need to be prepared to make use of the framework. It will also be helpful for understanding the current structure of the code as you work through the porting process.

Migrate FLOE and Fluid project websites to Hugo Static Site Generator

Project Description

Tag: Floe, Fluid

Difficulty: Medium

Mentor: Jon Hung

IRC: jhung

Skills: HTML, CSS, markup templating, JavaScript

Is this a coding project? Yes

Additional Information:

How to get started: