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At this session, a participant with low-vision interacted with visual components of the existing prototype.


  • To determine function of buttons of prototype can be distinguished
  • To recognition recognize visual preference for component on prototype for users with low vision


  • Symbols for action buttons can be ambiguous to their function and could be clarified by adding words.
  • User selected the ‘Play’ button when asked to delete all steps
  • The small circular nodes in between blocks on sequences were interpreted as blocks for up and down instead of separation.
  • Scroll bar was difficult to find on the prototype. No issues with scroll bar use once it was found.
  • When a movement in sequence is was selected, the grey dashed outline is was not easily distinguished. User could not identify which movement was selected.
  • Deleting steps was easy in this session because the user took time to be familiar with the interface prior to the session
  • For a person with low vision, there is difficulty with manuals/menus that involves trouble reading and tracking activity (can get lost where things are happening on the page)
  • Some UI features preferred: being able to zoom into text, using speech commands
  • User suggested to include an option to include feedback/comments 
  • There is difficulty adding steps when the sequence becomes longer. When the sequence went past the screen, the “add” button was further down and the ‘start’ button became invisible. User could not remember where the start button was located.
  • Using a head tracker to add steps was time-consuming.
  • Difficulty differentiating different panels of prototypes and which movements were being selected on sequence.

Notes for C2LC design

  • Provide options to change size and colours to UIof user interface. Some colours may be hard to see due to low contrast.
  • To increase focus for the user who has difficulty tracking on page/screen, place content (e.g. control panels) in the middle of screen or a more central location
  • To increase visibility, increase size and boldness for icons and text 
  • Indicate selected movement in sequence with a thick high contrast outline (e.g. black border)
  • The idea of a dashboard or collection of functions (e.g. similar to a start menu on Microsoft computers) for actions (i.e. add, delete, scroll) should be fixed (i.e always present) on screen