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At this session, a participant with low-vision interacted with visual and functional components of menu and settings when building code sequence with the current prototype.

  • Link to prototype: 
    Widget Connector
  • Script for using the prototype: 
    • Select forward
    • Add forward to your chain
    • Select Turn Right
    • Add Turn right to your chain
    • Select the menu
    • Show extended add buttons
    • Close menu
    • Select the Loop Control
    • Add Loop right before green forward tile
    • Select green forward
    • Move forward tile into your loop
    • Close forward tile popup menu
    • Select yellow turn left
    • Add it to the loop after the forward button
    • Scroll the panel to see all your tiles
    • Select the program panel menu to hide the large add buttons
    • Change the angle of the right turn to -15
    • Close the pop up menu
    • Make this loop forever