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  • We have 3 levels of notes
    • Raw notes
      • taken during the meeting with the participant
      • kept private
      • hand written or digital, whatever works for the individuals
    • Processed but detailed notes
      • raw notes are analyzed, synthesized and categorized into categories we created
      • audience:  CI team will use these for user & behavior modeling
      • digital and shared on the wiki but...
      • kept private for participant privacy
      • not everything in raw notes will make it into this document
    • Summary notes (instructors: Removed, students: Removed)
      • summary of the processed notes meant to give an overview of what we are gleaning from CIs
      • audience:  Public
      • digital and on wiki publicly

Next steps with Summaries, Removed

  • Respective CI teams will process notes from their CIs & then add them to the summary page
  • ? will work on the York Instructor 1 summary notes to further summarize
  • Daphne will work on the Berkeley Student 1 summary notes to further summarize
  • We need to advertise this link in the next week or so so people can follow what we are learning -- let's shoot for once the 2 current summaries are cleaned up.