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  • Pro Javascript Techniques by John Resig: The best source for reliable, unobtrustive JavaScript programming techniques, from the guy who wrote jQuery.
  • JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan: The only reliable JavaScript reference book available. Period.
  • Wiki Markup[Eloquent JavaScript|] by Marijn Haverbeke: JavaScript overview, very broad tutorial from beginner to advanced \ [e-book\]

News Blogs

  • eJohn, John Resig's JavaScript blog. Filled with tons of techniques, advice, and news.
  • Wiki Markup[Ajaxian|]: All AJAX news, all the time \ [blog\]

Cool Techniques


Accessible Javascript




  • [jQuery Site|http ://] : : get the latest jQuery here, plus documentation \ [web site\]unmigrated-wiki-markup[
  • jQuery UI Site|http ://] :: get the latest jQuery UI here \ [web site\]unmigrated-wiki-markup
  • [jQuery Group|http ://] :: questions, answers and buzz \ [google group\]unmigrated-wiki-markup[
  • jQuery UI Board|] \ [google group\]unmigrated-wiki-markup[
  • jQuery Accessibility Board|] :: a working group for now \ [google group\]