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  1. Label the relevant wiki pages with the label "release."
    • The parent-child relationship of wiki pages will be reflected in the resulting PDF document table of contents. It is recommended that drafts of the PDF be checked for a reasonable structure, and if necessary, the parent-child relationships on the wiki be adjusted (note that this won't affect links within wiki pages).
  2. Produce a list of all the labelled pages, and keep it on hand.
  3. Export only the labelled pages:
    1. On the wiki, go the the Advanced subsection of the Browse Space section.
    2. Choose "Export Space"
    3. For 'Export format' choose "PDF Output"
    4. Turn off any extra options
    5. Clear all of the checked pages, then check only the pages labelled "release" (refer to the list you kept on hand. You kept it on hand, right?)
    6. Click the "Export" button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Rename the resulting PDF file to "Fluid-X.Y.pdf"
  5. Edit the resulting PDF file:
    1. Change the "Space Details" title to "Fluid Infusion vX.Y"
    2. Replace the box containing details with a paragraph that says

      These pages were exported from the Fluid wiki (, which combines information about development, project coordination, and user experience. Note that some of the links will redirect to the wiki.

    3. Change "Available Pages" to "Contents"