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  1. IDRC synthesizes small group needs maps into one map. Ask participants to come up with features (prompt with a list?) that would meet those needs
    1. Outcome: list of desired features without much structure/design
    2. Advantage: participants coming up with features themselves based on their own experiences/ideas may lead to more creative solutions
  2. IDRC prepares feature building blocks loosely based on the needs from Session 2. Ask participants to map their needs to features / choose the features they want and begin to put those into a design
    1. Outcome: similar to 1 but with more structure/design
  3. IDRC does a more complete needs to features mapping and brings this to Session 2. Ask participants for feedback on the synthesis, and to put the features into a more complete design
    1. Outcome: rough designs based on features building blocks
    2. Advantage: we get closer to a rough design by the end of the session

  • a version of #1 - needs constellations, or focus on a single prioritised need (or list of needs one at a time) to consider how that need could be met
  • they could pick a need off the map and create something to meet that need (individually), in small groups they could blend these together and then consider what other needs might be met by their collaborative creation


Based on the needs maps from Session 1, come up with initial features (and possibly rough design) for an online job-seeking tool.