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  • In your small group, share your dream vision with your group
  • Taking into consideration each individual dream vision, you will create a Needs Map* for your group.
    • By working with your group to create a collaborative Needs Map you may discover common needs, conflicting needs, or needs that you hadn't yet realised
    • The goal is not to generalise or come up with "average" needs but rather to fully map the spectrum of needs and start to identify relationships between them
    • Don't worry about conflicting needs, this can be a generative space where creative ideas flourish!
  • Groups will then share their Needs Map(s) back with the larger group
    • If they prefer not to show their creation, they can describe it, or share related text or writing

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*What is a Needs Map?

A Needs Map is a representation of the various needs, preferences, and desires that should be satisfied in order for you to get to your goal (i.e. finding a job). It can help you identify similar needs, differing or opposing needs, or emerging themes and patterns. It can help you to prioritise your needs or the needs of your group.