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Task / VersionPeopleStatusNotes
v1.2.0 - Audio-tactile cardsCindy, Emilia, Gregor

titlePull Request

Gregor is completing styling work on the new recommendation cards page

Draft PR for new pages:

Kanban for v1.2.0:


  • ✔️ Add the new article
  • ✔️ Add a template for the new cards page
  • ✔️ Add a Sass file for the new cards page
  • ✔️ Add a new collection or directory within the Techniques collection to contain the recommendation card Markdown files
  • ✔️ Add a template for a single card, using frontmatter to split the card "intro" content from its expanded content
  • ✔️ Add/alter accordion controls to organize the cards within their respective sections
  • Adjust the styling to match the design
  • Test the site (UIO, WCAG, etc.)
  • Review and incorporate any necessary dependency updates
  • Release
Add new docsGregor

titleon hold

Note: Gregor has already written the two docs listed here

Community Led Codesign KitDana/Cheryl/Ned
In progress content
Asynchronous StorytellingJon5d

titleIn progress

Review the articles on the ILDHJon, Caren5d

titleon hold

Edit as needed

Bring some consistency to each article

Add some framing sentences to relate it back to the ILDH (answer "How is this related to inclusive learning?")

Cut down verbage and link to relevant content instead (i.e. SNOW, Inclusive Design Guide, other ILDH articles, etc.).