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"I want to inspire students and get them excited about my field of study, which I have to balance with my own ambitions as a scholar."


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  • Received his PhD in History and Middle Eastern Studies from Yale.
  • Ahmad has been too busy with his scholarly work to think much about marriage, but does date occasionally, often when he meets someone via his work.
  • He has a big yard for his black lab, Farah, and likes to work from home as often as he can (which he usually ends up doing about 3 days a week) where his dog can sit by his side, chewing on a bone. He uses a Mac laptop, which he brings back and forth between work and home. He's been a Mac user since grad school, when he bought one as a present to himself.
  • He is very concerned about the environment, and takes public transportation whenever possible, including to school. He usually works on his laptop on the bus.
  • In his spare time Ahmad enjoys reading fiction, acting, sailing and volunteering.
  • His family is Pakistani, but he was born in Toronto, Ontario. Growing up, his father took him sailing fairly often and he developed a love of the water.
  • Loves YouTube -- thinks it's a great example of a web application which 'just works' and that it is a great way to reach a large audience. He really loves any application that will help him search for rich content like movies and images.