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Context Scenarios

  • Browse through pages of thumbnail images (i.e. Search for images for lecture)
  • Browse through list of files (i.e. to find particular reading for class)
  • Change several, all or one student's grades in gradebook (students go across several pages)
  • Search for course material by material type
  • Page through on-line course material (i.e. customized course pack available on-line -- document paging versus list paging)
  • Select several files for reuse -- file listing may go across pages (i.e. reuse some course material from one semester to the next)
  • Page forward and backward through an on-line quiz (might need an idea of what is on each page so they can quickly jump to a page)
  • Find a student in the roster whose exact last name I can't remember (i.e. want to see everything that begins with "Be"
  • Browse exams or assignments (i.e. looking for a specific date)
  • Organize contacts into groups in email (contacts may go across pages)
  • New sort a list of files spanning across pages (i.e. was alphabetical and then sort by date created -- do you go to top?)
  • Remember users' paging settings and save it across visits to the site


User is looking for a range in mind

The user is looking for a subset of the data (pictures taken last month, students who failed midterm, announcements made by a certain TA, etc.). The user should be able to sort the data by the attribute of interest, and traverse the pages using the pager to find the subset in a few clicks. Image Gallery was used as an example here. ...storyboard  

System saves user preference

When the user configures the pager display in a particular tool, the system remembers this preference and display the page the way they configured it the next time they visit. Gradebook is used as an example. ...storyboard

User is looking for a specific item in mind

When the user is looking for a specific item, they tend to use the search capability. Roster is used as an example. ...storyboard