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Alex has done some research; can't be solved: we'll leave it as is for now

Facebook like widget

Facebook like and Google plus buttons are not understandable when used with a screen reader

On production

On "My OER" page, folder delete and add buttons confusing for screen readers

On the "My OER" page, the folder delete and add buttons after each OER name, to the right of the rating widget, are not described well when using a screen reader. They could use more descriptive text somehow.

On production: tested

"Add OER" bookmarklet

The panel on the front page in the right column allows the user to add a widget to their bookmarks bar. When used with a screen reader it is not clear what the button does. When activated with the keyboard the dialog that opens does not get focus. - Removed

On production: tested

Login drop down

When using a screen reader, the account settings menu is not keyboard accessible

On production

Select a folder widget on the OER summary page does not work with a keyboard Removed

On production

Some links and buttons do not receive keyboard focus

Search button on MY OER page, "no strings attached" link in the detailed view , "Read fine print" link in search results, Save and Change buttons on the edit account settings page in My OERs preference settings

On production: tested

Login process accessibility

If an error is made entering login information, there does not seem to be a way to get back to the login form using a keyboard. Perhaps have focus sent to an anchor just before the error message in the login box. NOTE: In Anastasia's branch: Removed

  • the aria-live stuff doesn't work in IE8 (nor does any other demo of aria-live)
  • the focus fix seems a bit hacky

On production

Search results "details" toggle

The details toggle with each search result announces as "show a list". This text might be more meaningful as "expand/collapse details" or something like that.

On production

Rating widget Removed

New issue not fixed with first commit: Ratings widget is displaying the label text in the top frame of the OER display frameset. Fix for this new issue has been added to origin work on the ratings widget.

On production


Add a clearer title for the "open" image next to a search result

On production; Alex should test; And he tested also found that MyInfusion was not on production at all. But it made to production as of Friday morning (ticket 596)

kbd a11y in auth tool

On production

Tooltip widget

'What is this' link on the advanced search page is not usable with the keyboard. Using mouse it shows a popup with information.

On production

Adding and improving alt text

On production

Keyboard navigation

On production

Javascript errors

On production, AC tested and confirmed

Skip to content link

A "jump to main content" link in the header will be very useful for keyboard users. Anastasia's note: Currently, I can't get the authoring tool to into Preview mode, so I've been unable to test the 'skip to' link on that page.

On production

Get Satisfaction widget The feedback panel is not usable with a keyboard or a screen reader. When it opens up, screen readers are not notified and do not read the content in it. Using the keyboard to try to navigate it only allows you to focus on two of the many focusable items and even these could use better descriptions when used with a screen reader. Once the panel has opened, it becomes a keyboard trap, meaning you can never tab away from it or close it.

On production

Bookmark and Share widget

The "Bookmark and Share" popup sends focus to the top of the page when you tab past it. This means that everything after the 'share' section is difficult to reach through keyboard navigation. This has been improved slightly with a newer version but the interaction is still awkward. Now the user is sent up to the browser chrome after they've tabbed through the popup and then returned to the point in the page where they were prior to the popup opening.

On production

Focus styling when using the keyboard

  • General focus styling on FF should be improved
  • Browse Now button has no focus styling when focused with the keyboard
  • On the contribute page, the buttons don't have focus styling

On production

Styling issue with "my item" page and course search result page

Our search results and my items are not displaying correctly. Staging and production, Chrome, Firefox and IE.

On production


The content of the sliding carousel is not very accessible to screen-reader users. Consider adding descriptive link text to links that are displayed using background images, or alt text to images that are not links.