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This standard exploits the capability of an IT system to translate or transform user interfaces and digital resources for delivery. The first approach to meeting the specific needs and preferences of a user would be to transform the digital resource through alternative presentation styling or through the provision of alternative control methods (e.g. keyboard shortcuts).  This can sometimes be accomplished through the configuration options of the operating system. the rendering options of the application, the styling of the user interface and content, or through an assistive technology. If a digital resource cannot be adequately transformed an alternative digital resource will be required.

The standard will define description terms for profiles of the needs and preferences that can be selected by a user or their agent. Within the user preferences profile, there will be provision for preferences to be described using

  • a property definition (to be identified by URL);
  • a value set for that property, and
  • conditions for the operation of that preference.

At any time, a user's set of resolved preferences will be those preferences that apply by satisfaction of the stated conditions. Where there is a conflict between preference values, the first occurrence within the set will be given priority, independently of when the preferences were stated. Editor's note: this may not work because what if I want to override what preference is applying right now? do I have to get out the profile and re-order it? (Actually, I think the wizard should do this - LN.)

4.4 The importance of interoperability and consistent implementation