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2. Play/pause button

3. Volume button

4. Scrubber

5. Closed captioning button

56. Transcript button

67. Full-screen button

Keyboard interactions for Video player container:


- On play, enter/space pauses the video

up/down arrows ? controls volume

right/left arrows ? controls scrubbing

Keyboard interactions for Play/pause button:


- up/down arrows do nothing

- right/left arrows ? do nothing

Keyboard interactions for Volume button:


up/down arrows increase/decrease the volume

right/left arrows ? do nothing

Keyboard interactions for Scrubber:

- enter/space do nothing

- up/down arrows do nothing

- right/left arrows scrub

Keyboard interactions for Closed captioning and Transcript buttons:

- On focus, CC/Transcript menu appears; focus is on the button, not on a menu itemdoes not appear automatically

- enter/space on button turns onopens/off closes CC/Transcript to default or last activatedmenu

- up/down arrows cycles through menu elements ; focus is never back on the + button

- enter/space on menu item toggles activates the element (hybrid radio/checkbox interaction: if something else is already activated, then deselect and activate element in question; if element in question is already activated, then deactivate it)and closes the menu; if the element is already active, keep element active and close the menu

- right/left arrows ? do nothing

Keyboard interactions for Full screen button:


up/down arrows do nothing

right/left arrows ? do nothing