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What is





Fluid is an open, collaborative


community that

  • works to improve


Fluid includes members of the Sakai, uPortal, and Moodle communities who are working together to address the precarious values of usability, accessibility, internationalization, and more within academic software projects.

Our goal is to help improve the user experience of community source web applications including Sakai, uPortal, Kuali Student and Moodle. Fluid combines both design and technology to create a living library of sharable user interface components that can be reused across community source projects. These components are built specifically to support flexibility and customization while maintaining a high standard of usability, accessibility, internationalization, and security.

In order to encourage user-centered design within community source software, Fluid is also creating a designer's toolkit that offers useful design, accessibility, and usability strategies and documentation.


Documents containing FLUID technical details and developer information.

User Experience

Documents about the Fluid design process, Fluid website, and design of Fluid components.

Fluid Project Coordination

Project coordination information.


For conversations and artifacts around specific component development...  In a sense this space will hold project information if we think of each component as being it's own project.


Meeting agendas and archives. 


  • user experiences
  • designs user interfaces
  • builds Web tools
  • teaches inclusive design
  • integrates interface components into open source applications

Our community consists of an international team of partners, individuals, and institutions focused on designing flexible, customizable, user-centered inclusive interfaces.

The Fluid Wiki

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Get Involved

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