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"To Do" list for creating our Heuristic Review Protocol

As a group: 

  1. Create list of usability and accessibility heuristics (based on recognized principles)
  2. Agree on evaluation/reporting format
  3. Work within project teams
  4. Look for pain across applications?  Are there issues a component(s) can address well?

Within project teams:

  1. Agree on user profiles
  2. Break apps into chunks
  3. Create usage scenarios for focus
  4. Individual evaluation by 3 - 5 evaluators
  5. Synthesize and prioritize findings
  6. Brainstorm design session (identify conceptual solutions to high priority issues)
  7. Write and share out report
  8. Incorporate findings into community (some will drive component development - others can be used for general product development in the communities)
    1. Sakai - Integrate into requirements group.  Do we need to create jira tickets?  Are these really "design bugs" conceptually and thus have a different status than requirements?
    2. Moodle - how does this get fed back into the process?
    3. uPortal - how do we integrate into their requirements process?  Deliver findings to the community?



What are Fluid UX Walkthroughs?


Fluid UX Walkthroughs are a combination of usability and accessibility reviews of Fluid partner applications, with the goal of identifying user "pain points," and then proposing and prioritizing user interface improvements to address them. Read more about UX Walkthroughs

Evaluations are conducted as:

  • heuristic evaluations - comparing the user interface against an accepted set of "rules" or heuristics.
  • cognitive walkthroughs - determining how easy it is for a user to use the application.
  • Code convention compliance reviews - evaluating compliance to a set of best practices for achieving accessibility and usability.

How are Fluid UX Walkthroughs Performed?

Fluid UX Walkthroughs are performed by reviewers with diverse areas of expertise residing at a number of different institutions. To ensure consistency of approach and results the following material has been created to guide their efforts.

The protocols and guidelines will continue to be refined as we learn from doing the hybrid inspections/evaluations.

Fluid Project Walkthroughs and Working Groups

Within the Fluid Project, walkthroughs have been performed by walkthrough working groups. Most of the groups have had representatives from two or more institutions, with each group focused on a specific product.
Products examined so far include uPortal, Sakai, and Moodle.

Results from Previous Walkthroughs

UX Walkthrough Results:

Excerpt Include
UX Walkthrough Results
UX Walkthrough Results

UX Walkthrough Project Plan

Excerpt Include
UX Walkthrough Project Plan
UX Walkthrough Project Plan

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