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IBM's Accessibilty heuristic:

1. Provide meaninful and relevant alternatives to non-text elements

  • Images, graphs, video, sound, image maps, objects (applets, plug-ins, PDF files)
  • If important information is being conveyed, provide a suitable alternative
  • Alternatives provide all users with the same relevant content

 2. Support consistient and correctly tagged navigation

  • Always provide a home page link
  • Always provide a skip to main content link
  • Correctly tag headings
  • Meaningfully title frames
  • Correctly tag table headers

 3. Allow complete and efficient keyboard usage

  • Allows users to navigate by keyboard alone

 4. Respect users' browser settings

  • Permit large font sizes
  • Ensure page layout adjusts itself to suit font size
  • Allow preferred colour settings

 5. Ensure appropriate use of standard and proprietary controls

  • Text entry fields, drop-down menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, buttons
  • Ensure controls do not stop the completion of the task

 6. Do not rely on colour alone to code and distinguish

  • Verify colour alone is not used for information
  • Ensure contrast is sufficient in images

 7. Allow users control of potential distractions

  • Provide a means to stop blinking, flashing, flickering
  • Allow users to control speed of scrolling e.g. ticker tape

8. Allow users to understand and control time restraints


List provided by Paddison, C and Englefield, P article

Article containing nine IBM accessibility heuristics – see page 129