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Download branding & marketing


material for Fluid




titleFluid Project

Fluid logo (new)

Old material


and related projects.

Fliud, Floe, and many other related projects use Droid Sans Bold as a typeface.




Logos & identity






Identity System (2011): colour schemes, and other visual design conventions

Website mockups


Templates and widgets

Fluid PowerPoint Templates (2008): conference presentation templates
Fluid Affiliation Stickers (2008): designs for little Fluid stickers you can print out and stick on stuff

Old material (do not use, kept for prosperity)

Fluid Engage logo ideas

Fluid Engage logo proposals

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Decapod logo

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Inclusive Design Institute

IDI logo

IDI website

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Inclusive Design Research Centre

IDRC logo

IDRC presentation package

IDRC project images

Platform for Economic Inclusion Diagrams

Old material (do not use, kept for prosperity)

IDRC logo ideas (2012) 

IDRC logo ideas 2 (2012)

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Outside-In logo

Outside-IN website mockup 


Static Site Generators Research