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For accessibility: If you intend to post your finished slideshow on the web, please add the following alternate text to the first slide graphic:
"Fluid. Designing software that works - for everyone. JA-SIG Summer Conference. Denver, Colorado 2007 (Change conference information as needed)."
(In the Format Picture dialog, on the 'web' tab, you can insert alternate text)
(Please skip it on the slide master for the other slides so people won't have to listen to it on each slide.)

 Regular default Fluid PowerPoint template "for all seasons"

Save Fluid All Seasons Template  [346 KB]

 Alternate Fluid Keynote Template "code sample"

Save Alternate Fluid Keynote Template   [4.4 MB] (reqires the Driod Font Family)
Save Droid Font Family   [1.8 MB]

 JA-SIG with Altitude Summer June 2007 Powerpoint Template

Save JA-SIG Summer 2007 Denver PowerPoint Template  [349 KB]


 Sakai Conference Amsterdam 2007 U-Camp Powerpoint Template

Save U-Camp 2007 Amsterdam PowerPoint Template  [382 KB]

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