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It is recommended that before any work using stereo 3D is done, this calibration process be completed first.


This documentation applies to Decapod 0.7.

Setting Up Cameras for Calibration


  1. Ensure proper filenames of left and right calibration images (see above).
  2. Create a ZIP file containing all calibration image pairs (at least 23 pairs / 46 images).
  3. Launch Firefox and load the Stereo 3D Calibration tool by entering the server’s address in the location bar. By default the address is: http://localhost:8080/Image Removed . If the Decapod server can not be loaded at the default address, or if the server is not running, please see your Decapod administrator for assistance.
  4. Add the ZIP file containing the calibration image pairs (created in Step 2 above) and select “Calibrate” to begin the calibration process.
  5. Calibration may take 2 hours to complete with high resolution images.
  6. When calibration is complete, save the file to a location when prompted.