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Expected Results

Reload page


Move focus to the video player.

  • When tab focus arrives at the video player, the video area should show a blue border around it.
  • Play symbol overlay should not disappear. FLUID-4599
  • The controls should not appear. FLUID-4785

Activate and show English Transcripts

  • The transcript menu should disappear.
  • The transcript area should appear to the right of the video area, containing English transcripts.
  • The icon in the Transcripts button should switch to orange.

Hover over "David Kelley...human centered" in the transcript.

  • Blue outline should appear around "David Kelley...human centered"

Select "David Kelley...human centered"

  • "David Kelley...human centered" should now be white text on blue background.
  • Yellow progress bar should appear on the left of the timeline.
  • Timecode thumb should say "0:18/5:43".
  • Image in video player should show text "David Kelley says.... Most experts agree." and an image of Mr. Kelley on a YouTube video.
  • Video should not be playing.

Press the play button on the video player

  • Video should start playing from 0:18

With video still playing, press tab 4 times

  • Blue focus outline should appear around the string of text currently being played.

Press down arrow 4 times

A blue outline should appear around the 4th selectable item below the string of text

select transcript text below the text currently being played.

Press Enter key

  • The video and audio should jump to the position with the corresponding selected text.
  • Time code should change respectively.
  • The video progress bar should change respectively.

Press the down arrow key until the selected text is well "below the fold". Wait a moment for the video to progress.

  • Focus should remain on the selected text and not shift to the text currently being spoken.
Controls: Full-Screen Controls (not yet implemented fully)