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separate Goal: Separate out PCP and , PMT or BOTH (PCP+PMT) designs for specific developer teams
, WITH contextualisation


1. first use at PCP:

    not saving (device only permits PCP functionality) (****** at the museum)
        slim options within the PCP based on available features for content
            content matters
            the implementer decides what the end-user sees
        there's a notion of time here (museum wants to keep the interaction quick)

2. first use at PCP: (Sophia at the museum)

    saving settings
        alternative saving features (cloud + ticket)
        save to cloud from kiosk with woman
        use ticket to go from interactive to interactive
        ** question about presets vs. prefs available to user
        need alpha-numeric input options to create account

3. first use PMT (maybe Sam?)

    return to PMT (new device setup?)

4. return to PCP (pick a Sam)

    with existing account
        **offline use

5. first use DT

    save to P**?
    very simiilar scenario to first use PCP w/ no savingto

To do:

1. complete wireframes and check for consistency - get bothered by little details
2. missing functionality (from June 7 doc)
3. placeholders for missing stuff or documented questions
4. get realistic presets in here


 If no preferences are modified, the Quick Editor is empty with a  guide prompting the user to import their current device settings or  start adding preferences using the Full Editor.
 ** PCP importing device settings
 ** when you see "all prefs" you're in the PMT
  In the Quick Editor, the  user can also switch between sets
  ** there is a notion of psets in the PCP
   and permanently save modifications.  Preferences can be added to the Quick Editor by expanding the interface  into the Full Editor.



- collapsed? to what extent?