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  • Preferences are stored in the cloud through the Full Preference  Editor, where users can create and modify preference sets in full detail. An individualized and compact view of the Full Preference Editor exists as the Quick Preference Editor.
  • The Quick Editor includes a prioritized list of preferences and recommendations particular to the user - can't know the individual
  • If no preferences are modified, the Quick Editor is empty with a guide prompting the user to import their current device settings or start adding preferences using the Full Editor.
  • PCP importing device settings?
  • when you see "all prefs" you're in the PMT?
  • In the Quick Editor, the user can also switch between sets?
  • Is there a notion of presets in the PCP? and permanently save modifications?
  • Preferences can be added to the Quick Editor by expanding the interface into the Full Editor?
  • Adjusters - collapsed? to what extent?
  • Preview?
  • Are the PCP and PMT chromeless browsers? How will they be developed?