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There are three steps: 



Many issues requiring manual checks will have been addressed by Steps II 1 and III2.

  1. Load your first page (example: Copy the address, then save the page as a complete webpage into a file folder with a descriptive name (such as "Home Page").
  2. Open aChecker.
    • Click the "Browse" button for the Local File box at the top of the page. Choose your saved file. Press the "Check It" button.
    • Review results. Click "sort by accessibility guideline" if it is highlighted. Save as "Webpage, complete" with a descriptive title (such as "Report Summary - Home").
    • Click on each guideline listed and save the resulting page including the Guideline in the title (such as "1.1-Home.html"). At this point you may choose to review each issue and determine its status.
    • Write down the results.
    • Repeat for the pages you want to test.