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After a research and evaluation period (see: CSS Framework Research Notes), Foundation and Bootstrap have emerged to be the front runners. This attempts to document in detail the requirements of the framework to be used.



Features that we want:



Feature / Desired applicationBootstrapFoundation
Responsive layouts  
Style reset  
Units in EMs  
Ease of customizing default styles  
Custom builds  
Namespacing framework classnames  
UIO Theme generation using default build  

UIO Theme generation using custom build

UIO Theme generation using preprocessor
  • UIO interactions with frameworks (features, positive/negative interactions, architecture)

  • Can we use a framework to remove our !important injection

  • responsive layouts

    • themes easier to generate
    • UIO features such as text size and font styles
    • resets
    • media queries should use EM's
    • ease of customization
    • ease of namespacing Framework classnames
    Effects of custom Bootstrap build with default Bootstrap N/A
    Effects of custom Bootstrap build with default Foundation  
    Effects of custom Foundation build with default FoundationN/A 
    Effects of custom Foundation build with default Bootstrap  
    Nice to have - tooltips  




    • What if a Fluid component is using a particular framework in its implementation, what are the consequences for an integrator? What happens if they are using an existing (different or same) framework?
    • An integrator is using an existing framework, what happens if the Fluid component is using the same or different framework?
    • In the case of the same framework, we may have made some customizations the component may be using a custom build or custom framework styles (over-ridden in css file) - what happens in this framework-framework interaction?

    Nice to have:

    • tooltips