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  • What if a Fluid component is using a particular framework in its implementation, what are the consequences for an integrator?
  • An integrator is using an existing framework, what happens if the Fluid component is using the same or different framework?
  • In the case of the same framework, the component may be using a custom build or custom framework styles (over-ridden in css file) - what happens in this framework-framework interaction?

Use Cases

  1. Integrator is not using any framework.
  2. Integrator is using the same framework we choose.
  3. Integrator is using the same framework we choose, but with different customizations.
  4. Integrator is using a different framework than the one we choose.

CSS Framework Explorations

Implementation of new site designs:



Customized Foundation CSS files

Namespaced to .inf-foundation, headings pink: app-pink.css

Namespaced to .inf-foundation, headings blue: app-blue.css