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Greeting script

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Infusion13:User Testing Greeting ScriptInfusion13:
User Testing Greeting Script



What courses are you taking that require online submission of assignments?unmigrated-wiki-markup

You are about to submit this week's assignment for \ [fluid:course name\]. You have just logged into Sakai to submit this week's lab report for \ [fluid:course name\].



For this task, assume you are an instructor for a Psychology 101 course site.

You just realized that you need to upload this week's lecture slides and assignment instructions for Psychology 101 to the course site.  Assume you are already in your course site for the following tasks.  You want to upload both lecture slides and assignment instructions to the file manager which is where you are.




Task 1

Please upload an assignments file from the Psychology 101 folder on your desktop.

Task 2

Please upload the 4 most recent lecture files from the Psychology 101 folder on your desktop.

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Task 3

Now I'd like you to upload the rest of the lecture slides, 5 - 12.  [fluid:Let them hit upload  and then...] While the files are being uploaded, you realize you didn't mean to upload lecture slides 11 & 12. What do you do?


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Task 4

[fluid:Before they hit done preferably, ask them] Now I'd like to upload 3 more of the assignments files.  Please show me how you would upload 3 more files? ]]></ac:plain-text-body></ac:structured-macro>

Notes for Test Coordinator