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Assignment submission (Student Primary Scenario)


Ashley goes to the study room in the library and sits at a big table with her classmates. Today is the deadline for the weekly assignment for Archeology 232, and everyone is working on it together. Ashley logs into MSN and chats with a friend of hers, John, who took the course last year. John sends Ashley his old assignment over MSN. Ashley discusses John's answers with her friends she is sitting with.


She clicks on Assignments, where she can view all of her previously submitted assignments.the assignment instructions for Archeology 232.
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She clicks on Week 11 link to open the current assignment. This assignment is makred "In Progress" and has a Submission section.
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She clicks on Drop AssignmentsAdd Attachments.
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She selects the assignment file from the coure folder on her computer.
<OS file browser screen>She submits the Word document she just finished working on.

She clicks Upload and sees the progress bar moving across.
She did yet another thing

The file has been uploaded. Ashley sees the file name grey out and a green checkmark appear. The uploader screen goes away in a second.