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Release Timeline

~October: VULab Web 0.5 beta
~November: VULab Web 0.5 final

Goals for VULab Web 0.5

  1. Powerful (yet easy) Researcher Interface
    • Allow creation of Projects (Usability Studies)
    • Allow creation of Survey (Pre-video and Post-video)
    • Ability to Invite Users and Assign Testers
  2. Intuitive Testing Experience
    • Straight-forward usability tester sign-up.
    • Intuitive way to navigate to assigned usability studies
  3. Usability Standards
    • Make easier to use the robust tools.
    • Follow fluid standards for screen flow and easy of use.
    • Meet Basic usability standards
  4. Lay Foundation for Other Survey Tools
    • Write a "service" based system that will allow multiple surveys to be plugged in.
    • Provide documentation to allow savvy researchers to plug in their own survey tool.
  5. Documentation/Packaging
    • Readme for developers as well as basic researchers/testers.
    • Easy Installation
  6. Framework
    • Develop Session Management Foundation
    • Develop Database Management Foundation
    • Properly Control Screen-flow.

Tasks and Deliverables

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