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How to Create a Snapshot of the Wiki API Pages

The following process should be carried out for two sets of technical documentation: API Documents and Tutorials:

  1. Start with the 'trunk' version of the first page in question, and start at the 'top' of the treethe set of documentation.
  2. Create a copy of the page.
    • In the left hand menu, choose "Info"
    • On the Info page, choose "Copy"
  3. Rename the copy to include the version number, using the following convention:
    • "Inline Edit API - v0.4"
  4. Adjust the parent document to be the appropriate already-versioned parent.
    • Right under the title you edited in the previous step, click the yellow-highlighted "EDIT" next to the Location
    • Type in or search for the correct new parent page
    • Click "Done"
  5. Edit the {info} block at the top of the page to declare that this page refers to the versioned doc, and they should see the other docs for trunk docs, using the following template text:
    • This documentation refers to the API documents for the v0.4 released version of the Fluid Infusion code. For documentation specific to the trunk version, please see <put a link to the trunk version of the doc here>.
  6. Check the page for any links to other version-specific pages, update the links.
  7. Preview the page to make sure it's ok.
  8. Save the page
  9. Return to the trunk version that you just created a copy of.
  10. Edit the {info} block at the top of the trunk page to refer to the new versioned page you just created (instead of the previous version that was there).