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Community-based Technology Support for Older Citizens


  • 86 years old


  • retired teacher
  • widow
  • lives alone in her own home
  • socially isolated
  • family lives far away
  • no technology experience
  • Interests:
    • watching TV,
    • reading (large print books with a magnifying glass),
    • she used to knit and garden and play bingo but these are more difficult now
  • goal:
    • she was given an iPad by her family and wants to use it to FaceTime with them.  They set up themselves as contacts, and told er to go to the Apple store if she needed help.  She doesn't want to do that because it is far away and too much effort.  She already has WiFi in her house, installed by her family for their own use when they came to visit.
    • she knows her family members share information and photos through Facebook and texts and feels she's missing out
    • she might enjoy reading with large fonts on the iPad, but isn't aware that's possible
  • steps to accomplish goal:
    • Turn on iPad (fiddly because she has arthritis and a mild tremor)
    • Swipe the screen (she can't read what's on the screen if the text is not enlarged, but she does have her magnifying glass. She may have trouble swiping.)
    • Find and recognize Facetime icon
    • Tap the icon (she may have trouble tapping on the icon, double tap, or slip while tapping)
    • scan list of contacts on left
    • tap on the person
    • ringing begins (she might not be able to hear)
    • daughter answers
    • talk and listen (she might accidentally touch the home button and be unable to see her daughter, or get back to the call, or hang up)
    • hang up
  • needs and preferences
    • very large text
    • high volume
    • Perhaps also high contrast
    • Perhaps also text-to-speech
    • Perhaps also tremor filtering

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