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To help users discover List Reordering

  • an informational message is available
  • hover text is on by default and is customizable
  • the mouse changes to a pointer



  • Indicate drop target with arrow and red line.  These are configurable and can be turned and off.  They are on by default.
  • Mouse becomes a hand while dragging.
  • The object being dragged is viewed as "ghost" avatar.  It should be slightly opaque so the item underneath are in sight.
  • Leave blank space where object was picked up from.
  • If number ordering is on, the number changes as the avatar is dragged to indicate the potential location (so there are 2 items with the same number).  Once the object is dropped, all other numbers update themselves.




 To help user follow moved object:

  • Add a slight opaque highlight to item being moved.
  • Once dropped, slowly fade out the highlight over 2 seconds.

Number Reorder

For longer lists, it is easier for users to reorder using numbers.  Provide a configuration add-on to the component to allow users to change the order of a list via numbering.

  • Display current order to users in text entry fields for each item.
  • Allow user to change order by entering a new number.  On save (clicking out of field or enter), the item moves to its new location and all other numbers are updated respectively.



  • Make "undo last move" and "undo all moves" available after user has reordered.
  • "Undo last move" undoes one move.  It will then be disabled until the next move.
  • "Undo all moves" undoes all moves in this session.