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Cleanse the children of a DOM node by removing all <script> tags. This is necessary to prevent the possibility that these blocks are reevaluated if the node were reattached to the document.


Constant: "fluid-scripts-cleansed"


Returns the absolute position of a supplied DOM node in pixels. Implementation taken from quirksmode Added

Return: curleft, curtop


Returns the element text from the supplied DOM node as a single String.

Return: String

fluid.dom.insertAfter(newChild, refChild)

Mockup of a missing DOM function

Inserts newChild as the next sibling of refChild.

fluid.dom.isContainer(container, containee)

Checks if the specified container is actually the parent of containee.

Return: Boolean


Determine if a node should be ignored by the iterator functions.
It will return true if the node is a Text node that is all whitespace or a comment node.

Return: Boolean


Determine whether a node's text content is entirely whitespace

Return: Boolean

fluid.dom.iterateDom(node, acceptor, allNodes)

Walks the DOM, applying the specified acceptor function to each element. There is a special case for the acceptor, allowing for quick deletion of elements and their children.

if acceptor is d