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  • 1 camera at Toronto and 2  at Berkeley, which was where the diagramming would physically happen.  
  • Idea behine 2 cameras was to have one that could be on the people talking and one that could be focused on the "wall of post-it notes"
  • Toronto could control the cameras at Berkeley so they could move them to what the


  • they wanted to focus on.

4) Talked through each post-it note as a group and began placing them in groups on the wall


  • Sheets were strung all over our room  room

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6) Used results to create a Use Case Frequency Matrix (full matrix available on content management research models page)


For more deatails details on this project, check out the presentation given at the Sakai 2008 Paris Conference.

Lessons learned

  • Use cases were at a variety of levels of granularity would have been good to get more on the same page about this.
  • We lost the goals that led to the activities which are critical for innovation in creating a new system.  We would have included that information on the post-its if we could do it over again.
  • We were a little quick to combine post-its.  This was partly due to losing the context of the goals from notes to post-its
  • Could have "made mistakes faster" a little more on our first pass through with the post-its as several times we had much debate over where a post-it note belonged.
  • Many people involved meant we had chunks of time across several days.  Would have been better to just be heads down on it until we done rather than needing to get our heads in and out of it numerous times.