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Robert is an adult-aged tourist/businessman visiting Montreal. Curious about Canadian history, he decides to pay a visit to the McCord Museum. Robert has an iPhone. Upon walking into the museum, he sees a poster inviting visitors to use their iPhone or iPod touch to interact/connect with objects in the museum.


Wiki Markup
While walking through the Simply Montreal exhibition, Robert sees an artifact that piques his interest (because of\--or independent of-\-the tour). He inputs the object's code \[other options: a. Other identifying information on the object's label, b. 2D barcode, c. RFID\] into his iPhone, and presses "I like this artifact", which bookmarks the object for him. Entering the object's code also provides Robert with more content, including a video clip, related objects (by default the list shows related objects by physical proximity according to the museum's proposed order, but he can also select other criteria: author, type of object, year, artistic movement or history period, subject), and comments left by other visitors (should we segregate comments left by people who've actually seen the object firsthand from those who've only experienced it online? maybe the list of comments can display all of them by default ordered by date, but user can filter "only comments from visitors" or return to "all comments")