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Track Shape

  • Idea - a feature which scans the track left to right and plays back tones based on the track.
    • You would hear two or more tones where there are loops or overlapping sections
    • this way you can "preview" the track easily
    • combine with spatial audio to give additional information
  • Spatial audio
    • using stereo could be effective to understand loops - you can hear the sound going to one side, to the other, and then back again.
    • the web Text-to-Speech engine may not support spatial audio?


  • Configurable verbosity: choose what gets read back

Sonification of Chart Data

  • The example chart sonification MP3 contains variation in volume and beats
    • could make tracking the audio information a bit tricky because the overall volume changes to follow the trend in the data, but there's also volume differences in the sample loops themselves.
  • Suggestion: see the chart authoring sonification for some results of research.