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Free Text Searching With Lucene

We'll also need to support free text searches. The Users have come to expect natural, Google-like text searches from most modern Web experiences. As a result, Engage will need to include a free text search engine service.

Hands down, the most viable open source technology for this is Apache's Lucene and its associated Solr project. Solr is a standalone packaging of the underlying Lucene search engine. Whilst this is also capable of searching semi-structured data as for CouchDB, it excels particular at supporting free-text searches amongst larger document sets. Solr defines a standard wire protocol (with both XML and JSON APIs) for search and update, and so whilst dependent on Java hosting, need not commit to a Java-based core engine. Today, it's the fastest and most reliable open source text searching software available, and it has few competitors. Lucene is a JVM-based tool, and should be relatively easy to install in most server environments. Lucene can be easily connected to CouchDB, allowing new documents in Couch to seamlessly be added to the indexes.

We will continue to assess Lucene's associated Solr project, which provides a RESTful API and JSON-based wire protocol ideal for Engage's architecture.

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