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  • Implement responsive/mobile design

  • Unify desktop and mobile

    • Overall layout / findability

    • Vertical vs. horizontal panel scroll/swipe

    • Left side / right side (desktop)

    • Flexibilty? (integrators may choose a layout?)

  • Previously discussed adjuster redesign based on user feedback

    • Consistency of adjusters (check boxes vs on/off)

    • Accessibility of sliders

    • Naming/language

  • Note: no GPII integration at this time

  • Style - total redesign?

Meeting Notes


Tab order expectation

  • Would be better to keep the “show preferences” tab on top of the panel area

    • Then focus moves from tab to first panel as expected (this is clearer in the vertical panel, where the tab stays on top)

    • In current design, focus moves from “show display prefs” tab to page content

    • Not good practice to push focus into panel / doesn’t follow panel structure/order

    • How to best design for horizontal layout in desktop in this way?

      • Open from the left?