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Gallery selection

Integrated more information on gallery

Modal more information on gallery

Collection to gallery transition

Cover flow of galleries

Card metaphor Concept

There would be a series of questions that would be asked (the answers to each would determine the next set of questions.. ultimately leading to a selection of galleries that are a best fit to the answers provided)

Card metaphor Concept 2

This is an expansion on the previous example, based on topic-based tours that span different galleries

The links could be different colours and represent different tours

the user would click on one of the thumbnails and it would flip over

this would be how the card would look once you pressed on the front image

Iteration on version 3 of kiosk

This concept is a departure from the wireframe kiosk (October 14, 2009). Trying to keep the same elements (i.e: right side panel and selection panel at the bottom.)

The kiosk starts with two options: explore the museum map for more pragmatic orientation (i.e: cafeteria, washrooms, galleries overview, etc.) This is meant to be in line with the information booth; less interpretive.

This is the "my tours" or "my itinerary" pop-out.. that is always accessible on the side tab (it would also pop out after each gallery was selected/added)

This screen shows where you would be taken if you selected the 'Explore!' button. You'll see several different query questions that help refine a visitor's search.

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