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On December 2, 2009 the design team had a meeting with folks at the DIA to introduce the changes made to iteration 04 wireframes (see below). Information collected on this page are the notes and recommendations observed from this meeting. I also want to encourage folks to post sketches (pencil and paper) of any solutions for solving problem areas such as - how to show the breadth of images connected to a docked theme, how to name docked themes, how to streamline navigational components on the interface or ideas for how to embed instructional information.

Problem Areas Identified

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Problem Areas:

General Design areas

  • mixed design metaphors
  • the use of text and images
    • achieving balance
    • dealing with scalability
    • How do people react to the Text vs. Image driven design
  • Develop testing protocols with Matt @ DIA

Information Architecture

  • the use of an iconic image, a collage of images, or text (no image)
    • balanced with enough of a "preview" of a themed collection
    • DIA says its difficult to pick just one image that represents a theme
    • having multiple images to represent a theme comes with the added burden of showing to the user that he has seen them all
  • there was a sense that we might like to see more of the artifacts that make up a theme – how might we do that without going so far as to prioritize them
  • prioritize the gallery
    • galleries as the preferred way to engage visitors at the DIA (keeping TMS up to date and the handling images used for proposed kiosk design)
  • scalability:
    • How many images can be allocated to the dock?
    • How many galleries are there per theme?

Gallery card "front and back"

  • Choosing Galleries: do visitors get to select which galleries they want to see in a theme?

Printed card

  • preview of the printed card before the visitor selects 'print'
  • Printing Brochure: How do visitors print more than one theme at a time?
  • Choosing Galleries: do visitors get to select which galleries they want to see in a theme?

Additional areas

  • Email function: how do we consider teachers who want to have this information sent to their inbox for their class?
  • What's on today: should make it on a weekly basis, not daily
  • Conflicts with other orienting structures: How does the kiosk affect the Family Fitting Room and the Info Booth? Are there overlaps here?


Full notes and analysis on observation.

(info) Link to the the word document describing your observations of the design review here.

Content Mapping

DIA Introduction to Big Ideas BigIdeas 3-22-05.doc

Questions we still want to ask DIA

The kiosk will assist visitors to browse the DIA by 'theme' with the ability to print 'the predefined tour and associated galleries' on demand. In this case the museum staff would have to write, design and upload the predefined tour content to the system so that the visitors could make selections.

This design review questions were:

  • What language options do you think we need to provide?
  • We have tried to simplify the designs so that a person can select a themed tour in 3-min, do you think this is effective?
  • Does the suggestion of 'Gallery Highlights' give enough guidance to the visitor on what to see in each gallery?
  • How do you think visitors will respond to a predefined theme tour?
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