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  • General
    • Test on iPod
    • (Performance) Investigate local caching as a way of improving speed
    • Improve load times by using a custom infusion build for engage
    • (Kettle) update kettle to JSGI 0.2
    • Generalize spinner from Browse
    • Implement spinner everywhere we load data
    • Generalize browse structure to use it in Exhibitions, Catelogue browse by theme.
    • Determine deployment strategy
  • Import
    • Come up with a Strategy for merging exhibit information from multiple sources (e.g. with McCord)
    • Deal with HTML tags included in XML (e.g. from McCord)
    • Extend import to be able to crawl multiple data feeds (e.g. McCord exhibit + artifacts)
    • Import french data
    • Integrate with Hugues real data or import fresh data
  • Language
    • Implement the language preferences screen using cookie support
    • Localization: ensure all components load Strings from a properties file or strings: option
    • Translate our strings to French
    • Implement multi language data feed for all components
  • Home Page
    • Implement a home page with links to exhibitions, settings, and My Collection
  • Navigation
    • Navigation Bar
      • up/down arrow
      • ability for client code to register custom icons/targets
    • Finish unobtrusive screen navigator
    • Fix paging to open at a particular page
    • Generalize loading screen
    • Implement Back
    • Refactor paging to conform to Pager Model
  • NavigationList
    • Move "More" and Paging concerns out
    • Provide an API for users to customize what is rendered into a NavigationList
    • Implement "More" functionality.
      • fetch, change model, rerender
    • Add support for refreshing views in NavigationList
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