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N.B.: This user has some bias as she had (limited) involvement with setting up the pilot.

I. Reality testing

P refers to participant. M refers to moderator. Quotes are paraphrased, not verbatim. Side notes/observations in round brackets. Initial thoughts in square brackets.

  • Browsing through the options on home screen, starting with My Collection
  • P: "Not clear what the procedure is. Would be good to have a picture of what it is you're supposed to do, like 'Press this on the item'."
  • Notices object code in the space, but isn't clear on what it is
  • Pushed the physical label, nothing happened
  • P: "Feel stupid"
  • P: "Says if you want to put an item in your collection, you click on a button on the artifact screen---not sure if that's on the artifact, or on the application? Maybe through exhibitions? Object code? That could be it."
  • Looking at the picture of an artifact in artifact view, looking at actual artifact, verifying that it's the right artifact
  • Likes it a lot, gives a lot more information than what the space offers
  • P tapped collect. M: "What do you think that did?" P: "Might be biased because I was in the meeting about what this did, so I know it automatically sends to my email at the end."
  • P: "Are there more objects in the space with object codes? Because if you really like something, but it's not on the list, it would kinda suck." ("list" either referring to catalogue or to available objects)
  • Would be interesting to have an option that tells you if you're allowed to touch/interact with specific artifacts (interactives, tangibles).
  • P: "Some things you're allowed to touch, but you don't know. Or you might want to touch it, but you're not sure if you're allowed to."
  • P spending more time looking at the space than the mobile device
  • Sees movie graphic on a label---P: "Probably a movie"
  • Successfully played the movie without difficulties
  • Interesting that someone's talking to you (especially for her since she doesn't like reading), but expected more---not just see the actual object, but object in use, etc.
  • Not clear on how to exit the movie---tapped on the device's home button (i.e., left the application and returned to iPhone OS home screen) because there was nothing else to tap on to exit
  • Tapped 'DEL' on object code entry screen thinking it was the enter/submit button
  • Object code labels need to be more clear (not sure which item it refers to), and more visible from different angles in the space
  • P confused when tapping 'Show related artifacts'---nothing appeared to happen (panel expanded below the fold)
  • Nice to see related artifacts. Gives more information, broader range of explanation without just using words. If you don't know what a thing is, it's nice to see other things that are related to it. Good reference.
  • P: "When you press 'Show audio and video', if there's only one option, just show it."
  • On curling stone video:
  • Much more interesting than just having a single image of the object
  • When P was exploring the device's option, she was facing/looking at empty space in the exhibition
  • P reading artifact comments
  • P: "The comments are funny!"
  • P used object code entry as primary means of navigation, not exhibitions screen
  • "When you walk around, maybe it can show on the screen what the possibilities are, an image of what you can see from your position, instead of thinking, 'Where's the object code? Is there an object code?', and instead of saying, 'Well I saw number 8 and 10, but where were the others?'"

II. Task-based testing

P refers to participant. M refers to moderator. Quotes are paraphrased, not verbatim. Side notes/observations in round brackets. Initial thoughts in square brackets.

  • On comment entry:
  • Knew how to use the iPod touch, and taped on the empty text field to pop up the keyboard, but noted that many would know how to do that
  • Tapped DONE then SUBMIT to enter the comment
  • Would be nice to have access to the object code entry screen directly; otherwise, have to go back to home and going into object code entry---gets annoying when it's repetitive
  • On hockey cup video:
  • Interesting because of the detailed images, more interesting than a static image, but could be more interesting with actual footage, etc.
  • On entering character symbols ('@', '.'):
  • For users without familiarity of iPod touch/iPhone, might not know what to tap to get the other symbols
  • On sending collection to self:
  • Confirmation that it's been sent to the email would be nice
  • Expecting on Exhibitions screen:
  • Expecting a list of things that are available to see
  • When P saw the catalogue, expected an object code for each item in there
  • Thought the 'Report abuse' was a bug in the application

III. Interview notes

Bullet numbers correspond to the interview question number.

  1. Easy? Really not that hard to use, but if you don't know how to use an iPod touch, it might take a little time to do it. At first, it was a bit confusing---in My Collection it said to touch the artifact, it wasn't clear if you were supposed to touch the actual artifact or how to get to the artifact screen. After the initial hump, simple to get around. More onscreen directions might be helpful for some people.
  2. How long to understand? The only confusion was at the beginning (My Collection), maybe 2-3 minutes to understand that she wasn't at the right place to get to artifact information.
  3. Problems? It wasn't that difficult. Maybe having more obvious object code labels around would be good. Since she already knew the exhibition, she was already looking around for the numbers.
  4. Improvements? It was a bit slow. More user-friendly, like a manuals or hints. Wouldn't know what some buttons do. Look more like something they've seen before.
  5. Additional features? There's no actual design right now. No colours, logo---just the basics are there. Would add colour. Would make it a lot more appealing.
  6. Discoveries? Not really. The objects that were already available to be seen, knew what they were. But if she didn't know what they were, would've been very helpful.
  7. Museums & mobile? Helpful for people who really like it. But P is not the type to take audio guides (not that interested; goes to museums twice a year maybe), or to read. Don't know if she'd actually use it. But would tend much more to use a screen that's next to an artifact (i.e, kiosk), but wouldn't want to pick up something that's offered at the beginning.
  8. Best video? Curling stone was the best, because it showed actual pictures of how they played the game, the stone, other instruments, etc.---brought more aspects to that object. Hockey cup was second best, because it moved around a bit, got to see more detail. But the saw (static image) was dull, began to lose interest because it was static, didn't see context of use, etc.
  9. N/A.
  10. Overall impression? Very useful if you like these sorts of applications, nice to have more information. Would personally just like to walk around the space (raw experience). If you're doing research, would be great because you can get some of done in the actual space instead of going back home to do it. If P were doing research, would definitely take the device and application.
  11. Revisit when it's done? Yes, would like to see how it's improved, and if there's more to see. New technology is always a fun thing to experience.
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