This screen depicts what happens when someone selects a particular theme (e.g. "Identity") from the Home Screen (theme index) page.


  • Heading should read: "Galleries of Identity"; Sub heading should consist of two lines, first: "Tap one of the galleries below to read more about it"; second: "Use the PRINT MAP button to take a copy of the map with you" with PRINT MAP in bold and capitalized.
  • Gallery icons are a customizable image, or rotating set of customizable images which represent the gallery.  If a rotating set of images are used, images should rotate every 5 seconds, and the rotation should be staggered so all galleries do not change images at the same time.
  • Gallery icons could be structured as an unordered list.
  • Theme icon (e.g. "Identity") alt text = "Theme: Identity"
  • Each Galleries icon has alt text corresponding to the name of the gallery "African American", followed by the word "Gallery", e.g. ALT = "African American Gallery"
  • Maps depicting Levels of the DIA could be given the alt text "On Level 1 of the DIA, you will find art in the Contemporary, African American, and British Portrait galleries related to the theme of Identity.." etc.

Touch Screen Navigation

  • Tapping on a Gallery Icon (e.g. "Medici") takes the user to the next screen (Gallery View).
  • Tapping on the gallery in the map space (e.g. the location of "Medici" on the map) takes the user to the next screen (Gallery View).
  • Tapping in the box around the gallery's name in the name next to the highlighted gallery on that map, takes the user to the next screen (Gallery View).
  • Tapping on the "Print Map" button will open the sliding drawer with the printing options (Printing Map).
  • Tapping the minimized "Theme Index" in the lower left-hand corner will close the current screen, and bring the user back to the start of the program and interaction.

Keyboard Navigation

  • Focus order: list of galleries, print icon, Home Screen Theme index page (entire theme index bubble as a whole is focasable, but not the elements inside), start over
  • Focus is visible
  • Arrow keys are used to give an icon focus; focus can be cycled around
  • Pressing enter on an element with Focus (e.g. a Gallery Icon) takes the user to the Galleries Index associated with that theme
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