This screen depicts what happens when someone ...


  • Gallery overview picture (e.g. "Medici") alt text = "Gallery: Medici"
  • Each Gallery overview picture has alt text corresponding to the name of the gallery "Medici", followed by the word "Gallery", e.g. ALT = "Medici Gallery"
  • Theme icon should always appear to the left of the gallery name 
  • Gallery name should be the same as the theme icon chosen: "Medici"
  • Gallery overview should consist of two sentences that give a high level description of the gallery's theme
  • "Start over" button should always appear on the bottom-right corner of the screen

Touch Screen Navigation

  • Swiping finger across the Gallery overview picture activates 360 degree previewer; picture spins according to the direction of swipe
  • Tapping on the gallery index bubble will take the user back to this bubble-level and gallery overview (e.g. "Medici) will disappear
  • Tapping on the "start over" icon will take the user back to the theme index bubble

Keyboard Navigation

  • Focus order: gallery overview picture, gallery index bubble, list of galleries, theme index bubble, "start over" icon
  • page (theme index bubble less focused than gallery index bubble. Elements are discernable but not obvious to activate), start over
  • Focus is visible on gallery chosen
  • Arrow keys are used to give an icon focus; focus can be cycled around
  • Pressing enter on an element with Focus (e.g. a Gallery Icon) takes the user to the Galleries Index associated with that theme
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