This screen depicts what happens when someone selects the PRINT MAP button from the gallery index window.  The print options tray appears from underneath the gallery index window.  


  • Heading should read: "PRINTING OPTIONS".
  • Below the heading the printing options that are required should be listed below in buttons.
  • At the bottom of the tray, there should be a CLOSE button to close the tray.

Touch Screen Navigation

  • Tapping on a printing option should close the tray and begin printing
  • Tapping on the CLOSE button should close the tray.
  • Tapping any other components on the screen should close the tray and perform the functionality specified on that screen (Kiosk storycards, galleries index (Draft 6)).

Keyboard Navigation

  • Focus should begin at "Standard" and cycle through each of the options, and then finally the close button.
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