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- "Global Shapers", part of World Economic Forum

- "the context in Mexico"

   - lack of coverage of educational opportunities for youth in general

   - a lot of barriers for hiring; you go and work wherever

   - proposing to cover through distance education and online platforms

       - shock to youth because of lack of digital literacy

       - "100 students sign up, but only 60% are going to stay"

   - "if my Dad's a painter, I don't need to go to high school"

   - People with disabilities community

       - very segmented

       - very hurt, because system claims to be accessible, but is not; communities are very tight and very close, and don't interact with each other

   - "a bridge" between opportunities that exist between digital tools for learning and youth with learning differences

       - a "middle thing" that gives them the soft skills to engage in digital education

           - teamwork, self-management, executive functions

   - communities really dependent on donations and similar

- JUTTA: we want to send resources now to help plot out future directions, "first phase"

   - budget stuff - who would be recipient of the funds

   - what are social safety nets and barriers youth with learning differences encounter?


- CATALINA: can university work as recipient and administer funds?


- Jutta knows groups in Nicaruaga, Guetamala


- JT: "the space that we're needing to address is not formal education, but what happens when students disengage"    


- "fourth industrial revolution"


- "we don't even know what formal education will be in 5-10 years"


- CATALINA: 4 things to work on

   - channel for funds to arrive

   - names to specific youth movements / groups

   - narrative around disengagement and barriers

       - challenges that are faced

       - listening to stories

   - JT: have you connected with Juliana and Karolina



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