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Main page: Google Summer of Code 2018 with the Fluid Project

Discussing potential projects

  • Justin: can look at project ideas from 2017 (we weren't accepted for GSOC that year): Google Summer of Code 2017 with the Fluid Project
  • Colin: he and Tony have another accessible music project idea
  • Sepideh: could a student work on MyL3, esp. external device data?
  • Cindy: some work could be done on AChecker - rate limiting, unit tests, upgrading it to latest PHP version
  • Alan: storytelling tool work from SJRK - maybe a mobile app using Apache Cordova, or desktop with Electron?
    • Or a general beginning step using Cordova + Infusion
  • Question of students needing design / doing design themselves?
  • Alan: Better multilingual and localization support in Infusion
  • Dana: translation pieces - working on translation pieces of storytelling tool, automated translation
    • "service layers" for adaptive content - translation, simplication, etc?
  • Working on updating the video player?
  • Anything they could work on with the Nexus?
  • Infusion in other programming languages?
    • Demonstrating core possibility?
  • React Native generator for Infusion?
  • Continuing the Leaflet wrapper work of the community workshops:
  • Interactive accessible diagrams
  • Inclusive Design Guide Digital-Print copy workflow prototypes
    • Come up with possible workflows and prototypes that facilitates the creation, editing, and printing of the Inclusive Design Guide from a web copy.
    • Example Workflow 1: provide a way to mark-up / tag / add metadata on the web copy so we know what to generate the print copy from
    • Example Workflow 2: keep two separate copies of the web and print, and maintain a "diff layer" so someone can see at a glance the differences / changes between the web and print copies (and reconcile any differences).
    • Example Workflow 3: some combination of the above?
    • The web copy will be static HTML (i.e. not using a CMS like Wordpress).
    • The print copy will be produced using Adobe InDesign (or other?).
      • this could also be some other way to provide a kind of authoring/editing/templating environment into which the web content (or marked up subset of content) could be imported and then massaged into print copy
    • Considerations should be given to ease of use, maintainability, accessibility, and standards compliance.
    • A GSOC candidate will be responsible to researching workflows, documenting each approach, and implementing prototypes.
  • Young children who use eyegaze or switch interfaces – their games are limited to things like choose an answer; wants to play games that are about discovery, exploration, and all the things we want to make available to all kids. Young children who are blind are delayed in acquiring digital literacy; they don’t get that opportunity until they have language. It would be cool to develop a game that would reach these kids. (partnership with Beit Issie in Israel and Bloorview in Toronto possibly).

Next Steps

  • write out projects you'd be interested in mentoring in more detail on this page: Google Summer of Code 2018 with the Fluid Project
  • register as a mentor and get added to the organization (talk to Justin)
  • be sure to add
    • approximate difficulty / complexity
    • needed skills
    • your IRC nicknames
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