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Present: Dana, Michelle, Juliana, James, Gregor, Liam

  • Activity/Activities for face to face meeting

    • Identifying common goals

    • Identifying common needs

    • Identifying areas of collaboration (beyond the project too)


    • Retroactively looking at what the partners have been doing

      • highs/lows/issues/plans - retrospective checkins - think about it ahead of time and share at the meeting

      • Get to ask questions of each other in larger group

      • We are experts of our own experience

    • Community members that are there get the big picture of the project

    • Important for them to understand the broader picture of the project

    • Why we (IDRC) want to support their work - Oak too

      • E.g. for Giovanna - it’s Karisma that she knows, but she doesn’t know much about IDRC - the economic system behind this, how it works, the NGOs, collaboration, alliance, support etc

    • Want them to feel a part of the bigger movement

    • Community members don’t know anything about, say, TIG’s work etc

    • Idea of social justice, in regards to targeting young people

      • The space for young people to have dreams - independence, learning, getting income

      • Not a balanced position - ?

      • What are the tools we can design together with young people to have a balanced position

      • How do we use inclusive design as a tool to build the capacity of these young people to be able to succeed

      • How does ID fit into issues of young people

        • How can our activities give this experience? Actually do it together

      • Understanding key stakeholders

      • Understanding the needs of youth in the various parts of the world and organizations as a basis for discovering common needs and room for collaboration

      • Share the activities that we’ve done in Rwanda

      • Create a roadmap - concrete actions

      • Inclusive design as a social justice tool

        • How can participants “localise” it?

    • Create a wiki page to keep agenda/activity ideas for the 10th (Dana)

    • DEEP retrospective will be good opportunity for participants to see what IDRC does

    • What hands-on things can we do together?

    • Ask: how do you understand inclusive design as a social justice tool?

      • Perhaps we could ask this after doing an activity, like Cause and Effect or other

    • We have identified the needs - we share these with each other - identify these as social justice issues - what are the emerging issues

    • The tools we have , how you work - what can be the way forward?

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