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Notes from Sonification Interview videos

  • FL tested with #605, 606, 607 (Early Sep)

  • FL tested with #603, 602, 608, 609 (Late Sep, early Oct)

  • These interviews are working from v1.4.0-jump.9 build of FL (currently 1.4.0-dev.54)

    • A number of changes have been made based on feedback from the Early Sep. group which has not been tested w users.

    • The fundamental issues with the experience with text alerts remain

      • These issues can be addressed with switch to explicit grab/release interaction (see “Oct (for next discussion)” below)


  • PhET io sonification wrapper 1.0.0-dev.77

  • Listened to most of DOM descriptions, and self initiated movement

Generally too many alerts

  • The design was to only fire alerts when certain thresholds were passed, not with every action as it appears to be.
  • Users not waiting to listen to whole alert - just hear "magnet at center of play area"
  • For #603 lots of alerts being fired around center during exploration around coil (approx. 2:00)
    • (?JH) The design was to only fire alerts when certain thresholds were passed, not with every action as it appears to be.

    • (question) We can either attempt to fix this so less alerts, or go with grab/release

  • For #603 at 2:50-2:54 Suddenly a different text alert appears “4 loop coil to the right”, but little context. Sudden alert makes it seem exceptional.
    • Something with this implementation doesn’t seem right, not sure why it was triggered here and not earlier.

    • The original intention of this alert is to help users “set up” their magnet so they know when the coil is to the left or right.

    • (question) Perhaps this alert is not needed (user seemed to have figured it out without the alert anyway).

  • Moving magnet around - AT was reporting only play area location alerts

    • (?JH) There were supposed to be coil proximity information too. Unclear what happened to those.

Sonification and text alert mismatch

  • For #603  at 2:25, magnet inside coil and hit the top of coil. "bong" sound heard, but text alert says: "magnet at center of play area".
    • Text alert creating confusion because it's not describing what the "bong" sound means
    • Conversely, the example of the edge bump is good because the text alert explains the sound.
  • Text alerts should prioritize coil proximity first (as mentioned by TS in Github issue comments), then magnet location.

Boundary alert:

  • "Magnet at middle-right edge of play area" alert seemed good. User immediately reversed directions (#603)
    • (warning) Simplify this to just say: "At edge" or "At edge of play area", or remove all together (edge bump may be sufficient).
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