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UX Walthroughs

  • Protocol, heuristics, process and reporting seem to be working.  We'll continue to reflect and iterate as we do the walkthroughs.
    • We'll continue working through the UX walkthroughs with an eye toward identifying pain points to focus component work on and delivering a "state of usability and accessibility" summary to the Sakai, uPortal and Moodle communities.
    • Synthesize all walkthrough results from individual evaluators for the summaries.  What should our timeline be for completing the walkthroughs?
    • Define the form of the above mentioned summaries and create the summaries.

Pain point and Component ID and prioritization activity

Pain point synthesis and categorization identified several areas of focus.   Wiki pages for these areas can be found at ?????.  Four areas were chosen to focus on and working groups formed around them:

  • Navigation (Barbara, Allison, Paul, Kathy if time permits)
  • Feedback (Eli, Kathy, Barbara)
  • File Management (Clay, Shaw-Han, Herb, Daphne)
  • Workflow -- across tools (Gary, Eli, Peter)
    • Create wiki page for each problem space
    • Post post-it note work and other sense making outcomes from activity on the wiki page
    • Further flesh out problem space and begin identifying components.  
    • Recruit team members as appropriate.  All teams likely need some development representation sooner than later.
    • Component design and development - is this the same team or do we need to come back together first?

In addition we identified the need to understand and create "the package" that is a component.  It's code, it's likely a design pattern or 2 as reference.  What else is required technically and from design perspective to allow folks to easily use components?  We recognized that ease of use of the components is VERY important.  In our typical learn by doing mode, we decided to identify potential integration points for the Reorderer component in both uPortal and Sakai to use as our test bed.  Gary & Daphne signed up to move this work forward.

    • Gary & Eric integrate Reorderer in uPortal for portlet layout
    • Gary & Daphne identify likely integration points in uPortal and Sakai and pick 3 - 5 to move forward
    • Recruit needed team members from the respective communities (developers, project manager if project is sizable enough, etc.)
    • Integrate - what's needed along the way?  what are outstanding questions?  what's the package?

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